OH, HEY, HI! I'm SO glad you're here! I'm Mathilda Louise, but everyone calls me Mattie, a fun-loving photographer based in Kansas and I thrive on creating a fun and memorable experience while capturing ALL of your moments, the raw, the real && EVERYTHING in-between!

a high-spirited wedding, elopement & family photographer living in Kansas. 

I’m Mathilda Louise

hello there

She is fantastic from start to finish. She captured every special moment in a fun and natural way. Not only is Mattie a blast to work with, but she also has a very creative eye which adds to such a perfect picture.

As we went through each photo we couldn’t wipe the biggest goofiest grins off our face and kept saying “this ones our favorite, no this one’s our favorite!” We already can’t wait to blow up a handful of them and make a gallery wall.

Mattie herself is a lovely kind woman and nothing is too much. We cannot recommend her enough, you won’t be disappointed!

"To anybody thinking of hiring Mattie as their photographer, all I can say is DO IT!"